Autumn Trees

At the end of last term we painted these beautiful trees. The trees around our school and suburb are changing colours right now.

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Lest We Forget

Anzac Day was on Monday while we were still on holidays. We commemorated Anzac Day today at school. We read the story Lest We Forget by Kerry Brown and did some writing about why Anzac Day is a special day. We had a special assembly. We listened to the choir and a special guest from Legacy. We stood quietly while one of our year 6 students played the Last Post on the trumpet. She did a great job. Some of the school prefects laid a wreath near the flagpole. We did an amazing drawing of a soldier this afternoon. Lest We Forget.



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Term 1 2016

On the last day of term 1 we decided to look back. We have only been at school for one term but already KC have learnt so much. We love taking photos of what we are learning and we wanted to share some of our favourites with you.

We spent some extra time in the ICT room and we enlisted the help of our buddies (we love any excuse to hang out with them). We used a program called PhotoStory3 to put together our photos and then record our own voices over the top. Some of us even made some music as well. PhotoStory3 is a great program for making slideshows because it is easy to use and produces great videos.

Here are some photos of our buddies helping us in the ICT rooms and in their classroom.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some of the amazing slideshows we created. We are definitely Clever in Kindy!!

Saoirse from Ruth Carlos on Vimeo.

ian from Ruth Carlos on Vimeo.

Hannah from Ruth Carlos on Vimeo.

Eden from Ruth Carlos on Vimeo.

Peter from Ruth Carlos on Vimeo.

Don’t forget to leave us a message about our work. We love reading them.

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Measuring Area


This week we measured how many squares it takes to cover a bigger square. We estimated how many we thought it would be and then checked our answers. We worked out that you need to put the squares right next to each other with no gaps in order to measure the area of the shape. We worked out that the area of a shape is how much space that shape takes up.

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Pattern Making

This week we have been making patterns. Check out how clever we are.


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Happy Easter

We had a wonderful Easter Hat Parade today. Look at our wonderful creations. We enjoyed performing the Easter songs we have been learning. We were really glad that our buddies could come along and watch us. We are looking forward to Easter long weekend this weekend. Happy Easter everyone.


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Art around the School

We created fabulous artworks of a part of our school. We had to go outside to do a sketch and then trace over the sketch with a black marker and fill in the colour with watercolours. We remembered that when you draw a sketch you need to hold the pencil lightly so that any lines that squiggle in the wrong way on the page can be fixed up and developed as we draw. Artists never make mistakes, they get creative. We finished our artworks off by mounting them on coloured card and writing about what we had seen when we went outside. We are looking forward to doing more drawings and artworks outside in the future. We would love you to leave us a comment if you agree that we are amazing artists.

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We are Rainmakers

This afternoon in KC we thought about what it meant to be a scientist. Here are the ideas we came up with.Scientists...

We decided that today was a great day to do an experiment. We are spending this term looking at Weather. Every day we take photos and observe the elements of weather, seasons, temperature and what sort of clothes we need to wear for different weather conditions. Check out our Twitter feed and follow us on Twitter @wpskc if you want to see the #weatheratmyschool everyday. We would love to see what the weather is where you are as well.

Today we were investigating how rain is made. We used this experiment to make a cloud in a jar and then make it rain. We started with a cup filled with water, some shaving cream and some food colouring. The shaving cream was just like a cloud. The food colouring was the water particles that get heavy and then fall through the cloud as rain.

Here’s what it looked like.

rain experiment from Ruth Carlos on Vimeo.

We recorded our observations in our science book. We drew the things we needed to do the experiment and then drew what we saw when we dropped the food colouring onto the shaving cream.

rain experiment 2

We also had a go at recording our observations on film. Look how confident the scientists of KC are.

rain experiment 2 from Ruth Carlos on Vimeo.

rain experiment 3 from Ruth Carlos on Vimeo.

I was really impressed with the enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and care displayed by all the students. They were not daunted by the idea of the hands-on lesson. They were careful with all the equipment and were keen to explain their observations. They had a go at recording their ideas in their science journal. I am looking forward to our next hands-on science adventure.

Rain experiment 1rain experiment 3


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Be an Individual

As we have been settling into a new school year KC have been learning some very big lessons. We are learning how to work with lots of different people, how to listen to each other, how to encourage others, and how to think through new ideas.

Every year I am incredibly lucky to hang out with amazing kids everyday. They allow me into their world for a year and teach me everyday. This year is proving to be no exception to this.

Every student in my class is amazing. They are enthusiastic, curious, ready to learn and they love to share their ideas. I have been teaching them for just a few weeks now and in that time I have realised that KC is a class of wonderful, talented individuals. We are all individuals. We are all clever. We are all learners. We are all teachers.

I want my class to know that it is ok to have their own ideas. I want them to be resilient enough to stand up for themselves. I want them to have the confidence to test out their ideas, to try something new and to learn from each other. I want them to HAVE A GO!

A few weeks ago we read the book Elmer the Elephant by David McKee. Apart from being a bright and colourful book I love this book because it has an amazing message. Elmer is an individual. When Elmer realises that he is different to all the other elephants he tries to change to be like everyone else. He thinks this will make him happy but then he realises that not only does it mean that he is unhappy but that the whole herd is unhappy as well.

Elmer book    Elmer book 2

We painted our own Elmer Elephants with bright colours. Not only are they happy and bright- they are all individuals. As I walk into my classroom I can look up and realise that just like the Elmers hanging across my room- every student sitting (standing or bouncing) in front of me is a bright, colourful individual too. This could be a challenge or an amazing opportunity- I can learn from every one of them every day.

Elmer painting 3

Elmer painting

Elmer painting 4

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Two Left Feet!

We had a little giggle this morning when one student turned up to school wearing 2 left school shoes. Luckily Mum was not far away and the problem was quickly fixed. I love the funny moments that happen when you hang out with Kindy Kids.

two left feet

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