Dot Day

After celebrating International Dot Day last Thursday we spent some time on Friday reflecting on what we learned and how much fun we had. We decided to make a video. I really love this video. There are a few reasons why. KC made it themselves. We set up the iPad on blocks in the bag room outside our classroom. We have been doing this over this term. Each video we have made has gotten a little bit better as we practise our film-making skills. Up until now KC have had an adult helping them. Sometimes this has meant that the adult has been the interviewer, camera person or they have reshot footage to get it right. Thanks to Miss Quoyle and Eden’s Mum particularly for helping us during literacy groups.

This time was different.

We have been very lucky to receive a brand new lapel microphone (Mike) that plugs into the bottom of the video device so that the sound quality is improved (and we look like tv newsreaders!). We would like to thank Liam’s Dad Scott for generously donating Mike.

Once we had it all set up the Kindy students went out into the bag room (studio) in pairs to video each other and do it all themselves. I didn’t see the videos until that evening so there was no way to go back and reshoot or remind anyone of anything. I am so proud of their effort. They are technology experts who are getting better and better every time we have a go. The children know how to plug everything in. They have worked out how to signal each other so that they know when to start. They remind the person in front of the camera of what they are going to talk about before they start. They think about eye contact and not moving around too much. They even review their film so that they can check if they have to record another take. There are some things that we are still practising but I think you will agree that they have done a great job.

Every day I am reminded not to underestimate what Kindergarten kids can do. They love using technology, they learn from their mistakes and build their skills. They teach each other. Giving them opportunities to explore their ideas, build their skills and have a go is incredibly rewarding. They are excited to see the finished product. It is important to keep trying even when it seems like the first few attempts are disappointing. The great thing about digital photos and videos is that you can download, delete and have another go. I am looking forward to seeing what my class come up with next term.

Dot Day 2016 from wahroonga public school on Vimeo.

About mrscarlos

I am a Kindergarten teacher in Sydney, Australia. I teach in a fantastic school with amazing students. I look forward to sharing in their learning every day.
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1 Response to Dot Day

  1. Bec Pearse says:

    You truly are very clever KC!!! Well done! Wishing you all a happy holiday 🙂


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