Teaching KC to ROAR!

Over my four weeks with KC, as a student teacher I have learnt so much and enjoyed having the opportunity to teach this class greatly. Together we have been exploring our bears unit. We have done lots of writing about bears both in relation to the books we have been reading and our own teddies at home. I have loved helping KC create these beautiful bear artworks.

We explored what different bears look like by creating watercolour paintings of both a grizzly bear and a teddy bear. We had lots of fun creating the colours and making connections between this activity and ‘We Are Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosenberg, a book that we read in week two of term. Some of the children decided to paint their grizzly bears in the ‘long wavy grass’ or a ‘deep dark cave.’

Together we also created our Clem pictures taken from the book ‘I’m Freezing’ by Shane McG. We designed jumpers for him to wear like those that he receives in the book and after that we created a space station for him to stand on.

Here you can see some of our marvellous artworks.

Lauren (Miss Quoyle)

About mrscarlos

I am a Kindergarten teacher in Sydney, Australia. I teach in a fantastic school with amazing students. I look forward to sharing in their learning every day.
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