We are Rainmakers

This afternoon in KC we thought about what it meant to be a scientist. Here are the ideas we came up with.Scientists...

We decided that today was a great day to do an experiment. We are spending this term looking at Weather. Every day we take photos and observe the elements of weather, seasons, temperature and what sort of clothes we need to wear for different weather conditions. Check out our Twitter feed and follow us on Twitter @wpskc if you want to see the #weatheratmyschool everyday. We would love to see what the weather is where you are as well.

Today we were investigating how rain is made. We used this experiment to make a cloud in a jar and then make it rain. We started with a cup filled with water, some shaving cream and some food colouring. The shaving cream was just like a cloud. The food colouring was the water particles that get heavy and then fall through the cloud as rain.

Here’s what it looked like.

rain experiment from Ruth Carlos on Vimeo.

We recorded our observations in our science book. We drew the things we needed to do the experiment and then drew what we saw when we dropped the food colouring onto the shaving cream.

rain experiment 2

We also had a go at recording our observations on film. Look how confident the scientists of KC are.

rain experiment 2 from Ruth Carlos on Vimeo.

rain experiment 3 from Ruth Carlos on Vimeo.

I was really impressed with the enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and care displayed by all the students. They were not daunted by the idea of the hands-on lesson. They were careful with all the equipment and were keen to explain their observations. They had a go at recording their ideas in their science journal. I am looking forward to our next hands-on science adventure.

Rain experiment 1rain experiment 3


About mrscarlos

I am a Kindergarten teacher in Sydney, Australia. I teach in a fantastic school with amazing students. I look forward to sharing in their learning every day.
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