Happy Father’s Day

Dear Dads,

We hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day. KC have done some special typing just for you.

My  dad  is  40. I  like  him  because  he  funny. My  dad  has  green  eyes. He  is  a  doctor  . I  like  dad  and  dad  likes  me. from Amelia

Dear dad Have a  good  time  for fathers day.  My dad  is fun because he throws me in the pool. I  love you dad. from Isabel

Dear dad I hope you like your picture I love you very much you are 40 years old from Ashleigh.

My dad   I love you so much. from Elaine

My dad is funny. My dad cooks  yummy dinners. from Irisa

My dad plays with me outside. My dad protects me. My dad loves me. from Jack

My dad plays with me and he is funny. My dad loves me and I love him. from Jackson

My dad got me a computer my dad is the best dad. from Joshua

My dad likes me I play  with  my dad My dad cooks  dinner. from Kayne

My dad took me to dinner. My dad is kind. I  play with  my dad. from Matthew

My dad is funny. I like my dad because he is fun. from Neve

My dad is funny and he plays jokes on his and l loves my dad and my dad loves me. from Olivia

My dad is special because he cuddles me. from Phoebe

My dad likes me.  My dad is silly. My dad plays soccer with me. from Ronan

I like my dad because he makes pancakes. I love you dad. from Sam

Dad plays funny games. Dad went to the snow. He is a great dad. from Samuel

My dad is special because he is very funny and he plays with me I

LOVE HIM. from Savannah

My   dad    is    the   best     because  he  tells  funny   jokes. from Tom

I like my dad because he takes me places.  from Wyatt.

Here is a special video we made for our Dads.

Father’s Day 2015 from Ruth Carlos on Vimeo.

I apologise for the sound quality.

About mrscarlos

I am a Kindergarten teacher in Sydney, Australia. I teach in a fantastic school with amazing students. I look forward to sharing in their learning every day.
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