Anzac Day by Amelia

Here are some photos of Amelia’s Grandfather.

Amelia's grandfather

1. In 1938 Pa joined the 11th Light Horse Regiment, in a troop formed in Texas, Qld. (Love those emu plumes!)

Amelia's grandfather2 2.Pa as a major in England

Amelia's grandfather3 3. Probably in Brisbane, Lieutenant

Amelia's grandfather 4     Amelia's grandfather5

4/5. Private  Bryant – 1914-1918 – 7th Aust Light Horse Regiment. His first action was at the Battle of Romani, then served with his unit throughout the Sinai and Palestine campaigns from the Suez Canal to Aleppo. In 1918 the 7th ALH was chosen to visit Gallipoli to perform tasks for the War Graves Commission.

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I am a Kindergarten teacher in Sydney, Australia. I teach in a fantastic school with amazing students. I look forward to sharing in their learning every day.
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