Anzac Day

Saturday 25th April is Anzac Day. It is a day when we commemorate all of the people who have fought in wars defending Australia. Many of these people lost their lives at war. This year is the 100th anniversary of the Galipolli landing in 1915, which was when Australia joined World War One. All across Australia and New Zealand, as well as in the United Kingdom, we commemorate Anzac Day through Dawn Services, marches and the laying of wreaths.

We have been learning about Anzac Day in class. Here is a wreath we made for our classroom door.


Here is some writing we did about Anzac Day. We remembered lots about the Lone Pine and poppies.


Here is our local War Memorial with wreaths which had been laid.


About mrscarlos

I am a Kindergarten teacher in Sydney, Australia. I teach in a fantastic school with amazing students. I look forward to sharing in their learning every day.
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1 Response to Anzac Day

  1. Wendy Moses says:

    We like the wreath you made using hand prints. When we were learning about ANZAC day we found out about an Australian soldier Jack Simpson and his donkey. From Room 2/3 Elmgrove school.


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