Our Favourite Minibeasts

This term in Kindergarten we have had lots of fun learning about Minibeasts. It has been amazing to discover lots of interesting facts about the creepy crawlies that we usually don’t think about or try to get out of our houses (especially the spiders!). We have read books, watched documentaries, explored stories and even gone out into our playground and found some insects. We have been really interested in all the amazing facts about so many different minibeasts. We have loved reading stories about Lazy Ladybirds, Greedy Bees and Quiet Crickets. We have all been fascinated about how different animals like ants and bees work together as a team and everyone knows their own job. We have marveled at the beauty of beetles and butterflies and expanded our vocabulary as we learn about amazing life cycles and body parts.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to use ten netbooks in our classroom so we decided to use ICT to share with you our favourite minibeast. First we had to decide what our favourite minibeast is. It was really hard to choose and some people kept changing their minds. Then we drew our favourite minibeast using Microsoft Paint. We found it a bit tricky to paint a beautiful picture when the netbooks didn’t have a mouse plugged in. In the end though, we are really proud of our digital artworks.

Then we had to write in our HSIE book about our favourite minibeast. We had to write lots of different reasons why it was our favourite. Some people thought about the way the minibeast looked. Others focused on the clever things the minibeast can do and others knew lots of interesting facts that they wanted to share.

We then put all our paintings together in a slideshow using PhotoStory 3 which is on our school computers. We love using this program because it is really easy to put images together in the right order and we can use a plugin microphone to record the narration. It is super easy.

We listened while our whole class came and read their writing to make the slideshow. We are really proud of our work and we are really happy that we can share it with you. Don’t forget to leave us a comment.

My Favourite Minibeast from Ruth Carlos on Vimeo.


About mrscarlos

I am a Kindergarten teacher in Sydney, Australia. I teach in a fantastic school with amazing students. I look forward to sharing in their learning every day.
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2 Responses to Our Favourite Minibeasts

  1. devans17 says:

    You are all very clever. I love the drawings and your stories are fabulous. But some of the minibeasts are a little bit scary!


  2. Dear KC,
    We loved your artworks. You did a magnificent job and we are inspired by your hard work. We learnt some new facts about minibeasts through the narration of your writing for the movie!
    Thank you KC. You have done a wonderful job in Kindergarten this year.
    Love KB – Islington PS


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